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Three generations of our family serving your family!

Donald “Scott” Green, Donald B. Green, Donald “Buz” Green

Don Green Sanitation was founded by Donald B. Green and is the oldest and largest sanitation company in Erie County.Upon Donald B. (Grampa) Green’s retirement in 1964, his son Donald “Buz” Green became the owner and operator of Don Green Sanitation. In 1991, Buz decided it was time to retire which lead to Donald “Scott” Green returning from Texas to carry on the family business. Over the next several years, Scott expanded the business from one pump truck to two and added line cleaning and televising to the services offered by the company.

In 2008, Scott branched out into commercial line cleaning, jet flushing and cleaning of lift stations and catch basins. The commercial end of the business continues to grow with the addition of a 2014 Vactor Combination truck and hydo-excavating.

More growth came in 2010 when Scott was approached by Larry Myers, an Erie County competitor. Larry was considering retirement and asked if Scott was interested in buying Larry Myers Plumbing. Scott and his wife Donna were both honored and thrilled to have this opportunity. Having worked with Larry since 1991, they knew Larry had a great reputation for customer service. This acquisition added another pump truck to the fleet and increased the company’s hauling capacity to 8,100 gallons. In 2014 Mike Porter, another competitor and owner of PipePro’s, approached Scott about buying PipePro’s so Mike could run his family farm full-time. Just like with Larry Myers, Scott and Donna were honored and thrilled to have this opportunity knowing Mike shared their philosophy of putting the customer first.

Donald B. Green
Donald “Buz” Green
Donald “Scott” Green

As the third generation leading Don Green Sanitation, I am confident that we will not only meet your needs, but will do so with integrity and respect. You will receive excellent customer service, performed by a trained technician, at a fair price.

Scott Green

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